Solid Renewables can handle the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems for both domestic and commercial premises.

Our service begins with an initial free site survey in order to establish the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to suit your individual needs, and runs right the way through to the installation and ongoing maintenance (if required) of the entire system.



MVHR stands for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. It is a continuous system which extracts stale, moisture-rich and polluted air from the wet rooms of your property (such as bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms) and replaces it with freshly-filtered air which has been passed over a heat exchange cell to recover and retain heat which otherwise would be lost.

This heat is then transferred to the freshly filtered air and resupplied into other rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms etc., helping to maintain a year-round, condensation-free and comfortable environment – whatever the weather.

MVHR has become increasingly necessary (and popular) as homes have become more airtight as a result of improved insulation, draught exclusion and double-glazing. This means that stale and moisture-laden air has nowhere to go and collects on cold surfaces (such as windows and outside walls), causing condensation, damp and mould.

By constantly ventilating a property and filtering / recirculating the air, a MVHR unit ensures that moisture has no time to settle on surfaces and eliminates the risk of structural or cosmetic damage caused by damp or mould. Furthermore, it is extremely efficient; able to recover up to 91% of heat lost.

Once installed and calibrated, MVHR systems require minimal maintenance or user control.