Lighting is an unavoidable overhead for any home or business, but fortunately there are opportunities to reduce the costs. By upgrading to lower energy demand (LED) lighting you can save up to 80% a year compared with traditional lighting systems. A typical payback period on a new lighting system can be as little as 18 months, and once it is paid back you’ll benefit from savings for the lifetime of the system.

Why review your lighting?

You should consider the following issues if you're thinking about a biomass boiler or stove on a property.

  • Protection against rising energy prices
  • Better quality lighting to improve your environment
  • Lower carbon output
  • Potential tax benefits through enhanced capital allowance (for businesses)
  • Improved EPC rating for your property
  • FREE energy monitoring tools to track consumption

Individually Tailored Solutions

Solid Renewables’ service begins with a free assessment to look closely at your premises and recommend a bespoke solution to suit you. We offer a complete end-to end service, encompassing full building upgrades or single room solutions. No two properties are the same so whatever we recommend will be specific to your individual requirements.

Voltage Optimisation

If you do not already have voltage optimisation (VO) then it is very likely that your property is being supplied with electricity at a higher level of voltage than you need. This is not only expensive for you but it can also reduce the lifespan of your equipment and have a greater carbon emission footprint.

Solid Renewables will carefully analyse the voltage usage to see whether you need a voltage optimisation unit. Then the unit is created bespoke for that level of consumption and voltage level, potentially saving you up to 25% - instantly.